Reciprocating Roller Cam (Clockwise)

This cam is set up as a double dwell cam with a sinusoidal rise and fall.
You can redefine the follower curve, by rewriting the definition of the function (using the JavaScript language).

The rise takes place between cam angle a and b (in radians) and the fall between c and d. You can change these values to alter the location and duration of the lifts.

Dwells are at displacements s0 and s1.

This document requires an HTML5-compliant browser.
Follower radius
Cam angle
0.00000 0 6.28300
Follower displacement
Pressure angle

To change from sinusoidal rise to modified trapezoid, replace the Rise function with this:

function Rise(t0,t1,h0,h1,x) // Modified Trapezoid
var h,beta,xx,s;
h = h1 - h0;
beta = t1-t0;
xx = (x-t0)/beta;

if (xx < 0.125) return h0+h*(0.38898448*xx-0.0309544*Math.sin(4*Math.PI*xx));
if (xx < 0.375) return h0+h*(2.44406184*xx*xx-0.22203097*xx+0.00723407);
if (xx < 0.625) return h0+h*(1.6110154*xx-0.0309544*Math.sin(4*Math.PI*xx-Math.PI)-0.3055077);
if (xx < 0.875) return h0+h*(-2.44406184*xx*xx+4.6660917*xx-1.2292648);
return h0+h*(0.6110154+0.38898448*xx+0.0309544*Math.sin(4*Math.PI*xx-3*Math.PI));

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