Saltire Software


We offer software development services with experience in a wide variety of languages and environments ranging from assembly language and C on embedded systems with custom operating systems, through C++, C#, Java on Windows and Mac, Objective C and Java on iOS and Android, to ActionScript, JavaScript and HTML5 on the web.

We have significant expertise in numeric and symbolic mathematics and in mechanical engineering analysis.

Most of our projects are confidential, so we can't brag about our involvement! Some significant projects that we can talk about are listed below.


Casio Classpad

Casio Classpad 300 is an intuitive pen based calculator with drag-and-drop mathematics and geometry.

Saltire was involved in writing the algebra system, the geometry system, the spreadsheet and the differential equation module.

The Classpad project was an example of embedded software development, in C on a proprietary OS.



In partnership with leading providers of carpet retail management software, we have developed a carpet laying application called FloorRight.

This product is revolutionizing the carpet industry and reducing the time and cost of flooring estimation and installation.

FloorRight is a Windows application developed in Visual C++.

math xpander

Math Xpander

The Math Xpander software ran on the Pocket PC and was developed in conjunction with Hewlett Packard. It was free and included our geometry module.

Math XPander software was written in C++ for a proprietory OS.

apple newton

DrawPad for Apple Newton

Under contract to Apple, we developed Drawpad, one of the original apps for the Newton.

This work was done in NewtonScript.


We have been recipients of four Phase 1 and three Phase 2 NSF SBIR awards.

These have helped us build a portfolio of technologies in the areas of symbolic geometry, 2D and 3D geometric algorithms, and the presentation and evaluation of mathematical expressions. We can deploy these technologies to benefit clients' projects.