Saltire Software

Key People

Philip Todd

phil todd

Philip has a wealth of experience in a wide variety of mathematics including statistics, mathematical biology, constraint-based geometry systems and symbolic algebra algorithm development. He is the founder and president of Saltire.

Before founding Saltire, Phil was a Principal Software Engineer in the Computer Graphics department of the Tektronix Computer Research Labs in Beaverton, Oregon.

Phil has degrees in mathematics from Cambridge University and Georgia Tech, and a Ph.D. from Dundee University with a thesis in the computer modeling of the folding of the cortical surface of the brain.

Chris Oke

chris oke

Chris is our senior software architect. His experience ranges all the way from assembly code in embedded systems to web development in ActionScript.

Before joining Saltire Chris spent 10 years in the computer games industry. He has many titles to his credit on platforms such as the Amiga, Sega Genesis, Playstation, Atari Jaguar and PC.

He has degrees from the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Calgary.

Dao Hoang

do hoang

Dao is the head of our QA department. She has many years of experience in developing and managing automated test suites for computer algebra systems, and in product release tesing.

Dao has a degree in Computer Science from Portland State University.