Mechanical Engineering

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Saltire has a 25 year history of delivering innovative engineering products. Our applications Analytix and Analytix Cams have both undergone major upgrades and are set for many more years of use in design engineering of mechanisms and Cams.

Mechanical Expressions is a unique new product which solves mechanics problems symbolically, giving you output as mathematics, or as code.

Our Atlas of the Four Bar Linkage in book, ebook or web format is the essential reference to the four bar linkage in all its forms



A favorite of design engineers around the world,  Analytix is a conceptual design and analysis tool which is useful in the first stages of design and analysis of a mechanical product, while it is just a concept and not a fully flushed out design.

Prototyping is expensive.  Virtual prototyping is cheaper, but still time consuming.  With Analytix you can engage in a rapid virtual prototype loop where radically different design alternatives can be explored in a fraction of the time taken to create a full-blown virtual prototype.

Analytix includes kinematic, static, dynamic, inverse dynamic and tolerance analysis.

ax cams

Analytix Cams

Analytix Cams enables mechanical engineers to quickly synthesize a cam profile given their follower motion requirements. Alternatively, from an existing cam profile, the follower's geometry and kinematics can be quickly designed, fine-tuned and analyzed. Export DXF to CAD or coordinate data to NC/CAM software.

mechanical expressions

Mechanical Expressions

Mechanical Expressions is a symbolic mechanics system. Create a model, specify the geometry using symbolic constraints, add velocities, masses and force elements, and then extract mathematical expressions for output velocities, accelerations and forces.

Export your results as mathematics to Matlab,Maple or Mathematica or as source code in any one of ten computer languages


Atlas of the Four Bar Linkage

Containing over 500 diagrams, each of which shows between 5 and 7 coupler curves, this book in paper, electronic and web formats is an essential resource for the mechanical designer.

inverted crank slider

Print a Motion

Create a four bar linkage model with your own parameters. The website lets you set the lengths of all the links and the location of the coupler point, creates a 3D model which you can inspect and observe in motion.  It then gives you the option to send the model to Shapeways for 3D printing.

This is a quick way to get a prototype of your motion delivered in the form of a desktop model. These models are printed in one piece, no assembly required.

Depending on the size of the model, cost is in the $40-$60 range