Our team has expertise in technical software development and its user-interface, all based in Portland Oregon for effective in-time-zone communication.

We provide rigorous in-house QA on all our projects, as a supplement or even substitute for your QA.

In addition to consulting work, we develop and maintain our own products: take a look around the site, or check these out

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Legacy Software Development


You have code which does a job. But you need to tweak it to make it do something a bit different, or to deploy it in a new environment. We can help.

Our team has a broad experience working in large pre-existing projects from assembly language and C through Object-Oriented and templated languages to scripting languages.

We have worked on large embedded systems and software in proprietary environments and in code bases with varying levels of documentation.

Our approach to legacy software involves respecting the existing code-base, paying attention to keeping our code in the style of the original where possible. Sometimes, however, migration to an entirely new language and environment is necessary. We can do that too.

We have experience working in a variety of corporate environments, large and small. Past clients include Apple, Terex, Texas Instruments, Hewlett Packard, Casio Computers.

Free White Paper We'll send you a free white paper entitled: "Legacy Software: Rewrite versus Reuse", which discusses a range of tactics for dealing with legacy code and the sort of considerations which go into assessing a legacy code project.

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Take a look at GXWeb. In this project, we took 150,000 lines of C++ (a computer algebra system and a symbolic geometry engine), compiled it into Web Assembly using Emscripten, then wrote a Browser Based UI. In this way we created a Browser Based version of our Windows / Mac product Geometry Expressions.

We can give your legacy software a new lease of life.