About Saltire Software

Founded in 1989, Saltire specializes in the development of software with high mathematical content. Assisted by a series of National Science Foundation grants we have developed core technologies in constraint-based and symbolic geometry. Our technology has been deployed in products as diverse as mathematical calculators and floor covering estimation packages. Saltire partners with companies to develop and distribute products that best leverage our specialized skills in science and mathematics.

We also have our own line of unique products featuring our constraint based and symbolic geometry technology.

We have a software development and testing team with many years of experience in the industry, both developing new products and maintaining mature products. We can act as an extension to your software development team, either for a single product or over the lifetime of a product line.

Our people have a great breadth and depth of skills throughout the product lifecycle.

Our clients range from fortune 500 companies to start-ups. If you have a project which you think we might be able to help you with, contact us.

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Phone: (503) 968-6251
Email: info@saltire.com

Saltire Software
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