Analytix Cams 21


Analytix Cams enables mechanical engineers to quickly synthesize a cam profile given their follower motion requirements. Or...from an existing cam profile, the follower's geometry and kinematics can be quickly designed, fine-tuned and analyzed. With Analytix simulation software, you can optimize the cam/follower interaction with your mechanical system. Then export DXF to CAD or coordinate data to NC/CAM software.

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Here's how Analytix Cams is used to synthesize a cam profile. First, you choose the cam/follower type and such things as direction of rotation and follower offset. Then select a range of cam rotation, specify the starting and ending requirements for follower displacement, and the desired curve type (such as cycloidal, dwell, or constant acceleration).

Analytix/Cams then automatically synthesizes the precise points in between, taking into account all the geometry involved in that particular cam/follower configuration.

axcam screenshot

For example, you can specify that the follower angle should have a modified trapezoidal rise of 35 degrees between 0 and 90 degrees of cam rotation and so on. The advanced user always has the option of fine-tuning the data points manually (or inserting them from another source).

Kinematic and other data is automatically calculated and displayed in both tabular form and graphical form: displacement, velocity, acceleration, jerk, radius of curvature and pressure angle.

ax with cam

Any cam profile developed in Analytix Cams can also be used inside Analytix mechanical simulation software to analyze the cam motion in combination with actuators, linkages, or other parts of a larger mechanical system.

Cam design and mechanism analysis can be done quickly in an affordable, integrated solution, letting you work back from required end-effector motion to cam/follower design or vice versa.


Cam Types
  • Plate -- oscillating roller follower
  • Plate -- oscillating flat-face follower
  • Plate -- reciprocating roller follower
  • Plate -- reciprocating flat-face follower
  • Linear -- oscillating roller follower
  • Linear -- reciprocating roller follower
  • Barrel -- oscillating roller follower
  • Barrel -- reciprocating roller follower
  • Follower-to-cam method? YES
  • Cam-to-follower method? YES
  • Simulate inside larger mechanism (YES, with Analytix)
Motion Synthesis Functions
  • Dwell
  • Constant velocity/acceleration
  • Cycloidal
  • Modified Harmonic
  • Modified Trapezoid
  • Modified Sine
  • 345-Polynomial
  • 4567-Polynomial
Numeric tables and graphs
  • Cam profile (x-y or r-theta)
  • Displacement
  • Velocity
  • Acceleration
  • Jerk
  • S-V-A-J
  • Pressure angle
  • Radius of curvature
Geometry options
  • Clockwise/counter-clockwise
  • Left/Right
  • Base circle radius/angle
  • Initial angle
  • Follower arm length
  • Pivot-Pivot Distance/Coordinates
  • Offset dimension-left/right
  • Follower above/below
  • Barrel radius
  • Follower radius
Data interchange
  • DXF export
  • X-Y or R-Theta coordinates, tab-delimited import/export
  • Windows copy and paste to Excel

Analytix Cams Pricing

Product Price per seat
Analytix Cams 21 Commercial License $495.00 Purchase
Analytix Cams 21 Academic License $249.00 Purchase


Available in PDF format.