Emscripten Consulting

Let us help turn your desktop application* into a tablet / phone and Browser App

We'll use emscripten to port your technical code, write a new UI in TypeScript / CSS / HTML, and provide platform independence using Cordova.

*Supported languages include C/C++, Objective C, Fortran, Delphi

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Software relaunch


Do you have a substantial quantity of algorithmic code written in C/C++ or some other language from the list above, and a stand alone, or Windows based UI?

Would you like to create a Browser version, or an app for iOS / Android / Chromebook?

We did.

Geometry Expressions is a symbolic geometry system which incorporates a built-in computer algebra system. 150,000 lines of C++. On top of that is User Interface, written on wxWidgets and built for Mac or Windows.

Here's what we did:

Performance, running in the browser benchmarked at about 50% of native compiled code. We were impressed.

Take a look at the result GXWeb.

We are available for consultation on YOUR project: let us help give that program a new lease of life on a browser or as an app! Contact us and get the ball rolling. No charge for initial consultation

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